Rhythms of the Kingdom

Charismatic Rhythms - Charhythma

Charhythma is the blending of Charismatic Rhythms - a rhythmic expression of the flow of the Holy Spirit through a group of believers listening to the Father and to each other.  Charhythma is believers expressing that flow together through rhythmic music - drumming.

The word 'Charisma' in the Bible expresses both divinely conferred grace and spiritual gifts.  In church history, the word was used to describe a church centered around spiritually gifted people rather than church institutions.  Charismatic denotes something led dynamically by the Spirit of God  (as opposed to something led by a set of principles or laws).  

'Rhythm', from the Greek word 'rhythmos' is the timing of 'notes and silences' - when we move and when we rest.  The rhythm and charisma demonstrated by Jesus was "I only do what the Father is doing".

Charhythma is that sense of being led by the Spirit of God in all we do - and specifically in a rhythmic worship using drums and other percussion instruments.  Charhythma is a circle of believers drumming together for fun and prayer with the one Holy One, Jesus.

Hillsboro Charhythmatic Fellowship

When we are led by the Spirit, we sometimes do the oddest things - like drumming.  Hillsboro Charhythmatic Fellowship is a group of believers who meet together and drum and worship and pray and chat and laugh and hang out.  Some are musicians, most are not.  All are believers in the Kingdom of God.  HCF is not a church - it is a part of the church; a community within the church.

We meet for Rhythmic Fellowship on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm until about 8:00pm.